Secrets of Love for Everyone – E-Book

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This award-winning book leaves no stone unturned!

Whether you are still looking for true Love, or want to improve the relationship you are already in – with these Secrets you can make your Love the best story of your life:

  • How to spot the potential “deal-breakers” early, and resolve them together
  •  What compromises can work and grow the relationship, and which ones would harm our individual freedom 
  •  The 7 “ghosts” from our past that can intrude on and sabotage intimacy and trust, and how to deal with them
  •  Tools for good and lasting communication and solid, reliable intimacy
  • Creative suggestions to make sure each partner feels cherished and adored in ever-new ways
  • Ideas for balancing individual freedom with intimacy and full availability to each other
  • Exploration of physical intimacy and sex as a means of cultivating a healthy and happy relationship
  • Aphrodisiacs and healthy, easily prepared foods to stimulate arousal, with recipes
  • Expectations versus realizations of what true love is about when it comes to trusting and being with another person

It is reported that more than 10 thousand marriages a year now are directly traceable to romances which begin during coffee breaks. However, the divorce rate continues to rise every year.

In an era when happy long-term relationships are rare, and people are less willing to put up with unsatisfying ones, this book is a powerful ally for those who refuse to stop believing that they can have what they truly want in the world of true intimacy and erotic aliveness.  

Written in an easy heartfelt style with charming graphic illustrations, this book is an all-encompassing, multi-layered exploration of successful romantic relationship.

From the most pragmatic to the most erotic issues in long-term relationship, Johanna Kern covers all the bases: the easily digestible 14 chapters range over all the questions, fears and possibilities that people grapple with and fantasize about in their quest for lasting intimacy.  


  • Pages: 234 
  • Publisher: H.O.P.E. Assn.
  • Language: English

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 Everything you need to know to have an amazing relationship!

This award-winning book speaks to the readers in an inclusive way. Whether young or old, straight or gay, conservative or radical in your approach to love and sensual intimacy –  you will benefit from the secrets contained in this book.



Love will make you grow. Very much so. And it doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have, what kind of knowledge, education, business or academic achievements you hold under your belt. Love will teach you new things. Things that you wouldn’t be able to learn outside of the “realm of true Love”.

“Love IS power. Lack of Love IS lack of power. Do you want to bet? I did. And it wasn’t really about winning the bet. When I won, I won Love. Because when it comes to Love, everyone wins if you learn the secrets of Love. I wish you Love. And I wish you happy loving.”

With these Secrets, you can make your Love the best story of your life.

E-Book regular price: US$ 19,99  

NOW ONLY: US$ 16,99 


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